Virtual assistant means who works supportive tasks virtually from home or office for someone else. People call as virtual assistant or VA.  Our VA worked for Administrative works, customer support, technical support, web development, web design and other supportive tasks based on our clients need and work in the client base timings.

In the emerging world the top management people, executives and other business people needs some assistants to delegate their work to more output. Everyone think about choosing the right talented people and the cost for them. Our team will satisfy their need with both technical knowledge and also less in cost to hire. If our client is not satisfied with our VA performance then they can change the person anytime to get the proper service.  Whenever client wants to stop the service they can and doesn’t want to follow any rules or laws to hire and fire the staffs.

Our team using email, phone, fax, instant messengers like Skype, G-talk, call facilities, video conferencing, whatsapp and desktop sharing options like team viewer, logmein and other sharing options. Our project manager will set you the available time for every VA and clients, so our clients can reach our VA in the allotted available time without fail. We are also providing some 24X7 support for customer support service. And we using VOIP phones, Skype call options for our customer support team to make the feel of local calls.

All of our VA’s are under contract with Non-Disclosure agreement with our company. It means our clients can trust about the private data security. Our team will keep it safe and secure while they handle. Our clients can sign a separate NDA again before start the service and that brings more comfort to work with our team to get virtual assistant services India.

We worked for Administrative tasks like office administration, secretarial, meeting management, appointment management, document management, Virtual personal Assistant, day schedule management, email management, voice mail management; attend phone calls, collection follow up, property management and other. We also worked technical tasks like web development, web designing, email setup, software setup / configuration, networking support, server side support, hosting / domain support, online activities and others.  Our customer support team worked for live chat, online support executive, online marketing, order management for e-stores, 24X7 support agent, online ticket support and other customer support tasks.