Edge banding

Our best edge banding machine from germany is fitted with the latest technology, that has a pre Milling and corner round programming which gives our edging a great smooth finishing that last for long.

bullet ABS :

We use 0.4mm to 3mm thick edge banding tapes, it can be applied to melamine boards,mdf,mfc and laminate boards,our ABS edging tape are environmental friendly, resistant to household chemicals and they are of low weight.

They are very good resistance to shrinkage and they are high heat resistance too, we can edge boards from 18mm to 38mm thickness

bullet PVC EDGING:
we use 0.4mm to 3mm thick edge banding tapes, they come in a vast range of colours and texture, it can be applied to various boards, they are also solid and robust material with high stability, its recyclable also, they are also flame retardant.

Applied to various real wood, such as walnut, maple or oak veneered boards. We use 0.8mm or 2mm thick solid wood edgebanding tapes and we can edgeband boards from 12mm up to 38mm thick.

For acrylic faced high gloss MFC boards and lacquer-sprayed melamine boards or other decors where a more fancy finish is required.

PVC EDGING                                                                                ACRYLIC EDGING

edging1         two tone arlyic edging